Mt. Union Historic Cemetery
A serene final resting place for   approximately  2,500 souls on a gently sloping hillside  overlooking the  beautiful Oregon countryside in three directions.  Many lovely grave sites are still available.
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     To Find a Grave online, we suggest you go to the website "" by clicking  here .   

      We will keep the burial data at that site up-to-date, rather than creating our own online database. 

      You may also locate grave sites using alphabetical manuals available at the cemetery.


The 2019 Annual Membership Meeting of the Mount Union Cemetery Association will be held at 9:30AM on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Philomath Community Library, 1050 Applegate St., Philomath, OR 97370.  Owners of burial spaces are "members" of the Association and are encouraged to attend.  New Trustees and officers will be elected.

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